Kratom Therapy Loyalty Rewards Program


Kratom Therapy is proud to launch our Customer Loyalty Rewards Program! All it takes is a few minutes to sign up!

Simple one step process, select link below to get started!

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Earn 500 Points just for signing up!

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KT Customer Loyalty Rewards Points Program Details:

*YOU MUST be registered and have a KT Loyalty Rewards account in order to have access to our products and benefits*

How are my Points Awarded?

Example: If your total is $99.95, you will receive 200 Reward Loyalty Points!

The total dollar amount of your order will always be rounded up to the higher dollar amount to maximize your awarded points!

How do I Redeem my points?

Example: If your total product cost is $29.99 and use 3000 Reward Loyalty Points towards your order. You will receive it for free!

(Reward Points cannot be applied towards the cost of shipping or sales tax)

Can I use partial points towards my order?

Yes! Every point has a dollar value and will be deducted accordingly from the subtotal (excludes the cost of shipping and tax) prior to purchase! (excludes special pricing promos)

Will my Rewards Points Expire?

No! Your points are yours until you use them!

Thank you for registering and becoming a part of the KT Loyalty Rewards Program!

Once registered, all you have to do is “login” to your Rewards Account and start ordering! All your points and order history will be on your account as well!

Program Benefits:

  • Earn 500 Free Reward Points that you can use whenever and however you want just for signing up!
  • FREE shipping for all orders $49 or more (USPS flat rate priority) or receive discounted rates for UPS shipments.
  • Earn 2 points for every 1$ spent! For example: Spend $29.99 and you will receive 60 KT rewards points! We always round up the total amount of your order to maximize the awarded points given to all our patrons!)
  • Be the first to know! All registered patrons will receive Contest notifications, Updates, News, Charitable Events, and Promotional Discount Codes! (Points may be excluded to use or earn on certain special pricing promos)