Kratom is a leaf harvested from large trees in the Rubiaceae family, which is in the same family as the coffee plant! Kratom was first introduced to the world in the early 19th Century by Dutch botanist Pieter William Korthals. Korthals did extensive research in the area that is now known as SE Asia and found a tree that was held in high esteem by the local population. The local population called this tree, Kratom, and it was the herbal remedy of choice used to cure some of the most frequent maladies of the region in those days.

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Legal Status

Kratom is a controlled substance in Thailand, Bhutan, Australia, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Malaysia and Myanmar (Burma). WE WILL NOT SHIP TO THESE COUNTRIES SO PLEASE DO NOT PLACE AN ORDER IF YOU LIVE IN ONE OF THE ABOVE LISTED COUNTRIES.

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